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When I was born in 1966, the Second World War had been over for more than 20 years. Still, as I grew up, it seemed a relatively recent event. There were plenty of war films about the Second World War, and my father and mother had been born before and during it. Their own fathers had served in it.

The First World War had ended in 1918, nearly fifty years before I was born. This seemed like ancient history to me when I was in my teens, and now, when we are in the midst of the centenary of the Great War, it seems even longer ago.

A wounded soldier on the field of battle Image from Library and Archives Canada.

And yet, interest in the Great War shows no sign of decreasing. In fact the opposite is true. More and more programmes, books and websites can be found relating to it, and interest is growing. The centenary is a part of this, but interest was growing well before this. I believe there are several reasons: the First World War clearly marks a divide between an older, more tranquil and perhaps more innocent way of life and the mechanised, mass production, modern global world that we inhabit today. It certainly shaped our world, including laying the ground for the Second World War.

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