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Arras (1) Arras (2) Cambrai Cuinchy, Cambrin & Vermelles Festubert Fromelles Loos Neuve Chapelle Ors Vimy Ridge Vimy Ridge Area

Neuve Chapelle: Order of Battle

British & Empire Forces: First Army commanded by General Sir Douglas Haig


7th Division: Major General T. Capper

20th Brigade: Brigadier-General F.J. Heyworth

21st Brigade: Brigadier-General H.E. Watts

22nd Brigade: Brigadier-General S.T.B. Lawford

Field Companys RE:

Mounted Troops:

8th Division: Major-General F.J. Davies

23rd Brigade: Brigadier-General R.J. Pinney

24th Brigade: Brigadier General F.C. Carter

25th Brigade: Brigadier General A.W.G. Lowry Cole

Field Companys RE:

Mounted Troops:

Lahore Division: Major-General H.D'U. Keary

Ferzepore Brigade: Brigadier General R.G.Egerton

Jullunder Brigade: Brigadier General E.P. Strickland

Sirhind Brigade: Brigadier General W.G. Walker



Mounted Troops:

Meerut Division: Lieutenant-General C.A. Anderson

Dehra Dun Brigade: Brigadier General C.W. Jacob

Garwahl Brigade: Brigadier General C.G. Blackadder

Bareilly Brigade: Brigadier General W.M. Southey



Mounted Troops:


Heavy Artillery:

IV Corps Artillery

Indian Corps:

German Forces: Sixth Army (Part of) commanded by Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria

Infantry (Artillery not listed)

VII Corps: General von Claer

13th Division: Leiutenant-General von dem Borne

14th Division: Leiutenant-General von Ditfurth

Corps Troops:

6th Bavarian Division Reserve: Leiutenant-General von Scanzoni

XIX (Saxon) Corps (Part)

24th Division:

40th Division:

Information source: The Official History