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The  battlefield at Passchendaele, 1917
Passchendaele battlefield, 1917 Image from Library and Archives Canada.

We are now in the midst of the centenary of World War One, with 2014 marking 100 years since the start of the War, and more key anniversaries this year. Public interest in the Great War seems to be increasing by the day. There are more news stories, radio and television programmes and announcements than ever before. I use the @ww1battlefields twitter account (see the feed below) to post or retweet information about the Great War.

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I have made a short film on the Somme Battlefields, showing some of the sites that can be seen there.

This website aims to share my interest and experiences in touring the battlefields of the Western Front. The website was set up over ten years ago, just after the commemoration of Armistice Day in 2004. Over the years the website has grown considerably, with pages on most of the areas on the Western Front. See the main menu in the green title bar above for links to the main sections, or see the Sitemap for a list of all the pages on the website.

From my own experience in visiting the battlefields, there are also tips on how to make the most of your visit and where to stay. Helping others to know where to go and what to see is the purpose of this website. There are also many good guidebooks to the battlefields, and details of these and reviews of them can be found on the Guidebooks page.

There are more reviews of books relating to the First World War in the rest of the Reviews section. The site is updated as regularly as I can spend time on it, so please check back from time to time. New additions will be highlighted on this page. Due to the increasing costs of hosting the website with so many images, I do utilise some affiliations (for example with Amazon and other book suppliers) . Clicking through the links to purchase books etc. brings a small commisision which helps to fund the costs of running the website.

Please see the Links page for other sites relating to the Great War which I hope you find useful and interesting. I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful; please e-mail me with any comments or information you might have. E-mail:Webmaster

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